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with Fernando Fernandez, Managing Director

Mr. Fernandez
Why do you offer these services to golfers and persons interested in golf?
As bankers with long-lasting experience in financial markets, during our flights anywhere in the world, we were often asked questions related to international financial markets and asset management solutions. We noticed that many golfers were not optimally advised and that their assets were not invested according to their individual needs. In addition, we often observed that questions about generic financial matters were raised and that there were strong client needs for personalised financial advisory.

What is the advantage of your independency?
Many advisors of financial institutions have sales- and volume targets for pre-defined products they have to achieve. This leads to a conflict of interest. It often happens that not the products fitting the client’s needs’ best are bought, but rather those products which generate high commissions for the financial institutions themselves.We do not have such obligations and can therefore choose the best product for your needs from a wide range of products.

Why can your clients profit from favourable bank conditions?
Our clients regarded as a collectivity, are an interesting and lucrative client segment for banks which requires a broad variety of financial services. With our concept and focus on this particular client segment in combination with integrated financial advisory, we are an attractive partner for these banks. From this constellation all our clients can directly profit, which in general is not given for individuals.

How will you be remunerated for your services?
For our services we will charge a management fee which reflects the size of the assets under management, the complexity of the investments and the expenditure for our work. This management fee will be mostly compensated by the favourable bank commissions and attractive conditions.

How does your business model work?
As a client you assign us with an asset management mandate. We do not have direct access to your fortune. We solely manage and execute the investments in line with your individual needs, targets and requests. The selection of the investments is following a structured investment process which integrates your needs, the analysis of the financial markets, the global economy as well as the geopolitical situation.

With this asset management mandate you will enter into an active client relationship with us providing you access to all our services.

Are the assets under your management equally secure as the ones with a bank?
We exclusively work with first class Swiss Banks. The assets remain in the client’s name with the bank. As already mentioned, we do not have access to these assets. With the asset management mandate we solely manage the investments according to the prior agreements with the client. Through our periodic reporting, the client will have an exact overview of the investments made, the value and the development of his wealth at any time.

Are you also committed to the Swiss Bank Secrecy?
Through our membership in the regulatory organisations we commit ourselves within the framework of the Swiss legislation to strict secrecy and discretion about our client relationships.

How will I become a client of Swiss Golf Asset Management?
Quite easy! Please contact us.In a first step, together with you we will analyse your needs and personal wishes. Based on these facts, we will elaborate individual solutions for you. With your agreement, we will open a bank account and a custody account in your name; at the same time, we will complete all the necessary documentation and formalities. By transferring cash or depositing assets, your client relationship will be activated.

Are non-golfers also welcomed as your clients?
Yes, of course they are most welcome! The clients who do not play golf will certainly profit from our financial services, even though they will profit a bit less from our golf-related services. We do intend to organise activities for non-golfers, and interest provided, to bring them closer to this fascinating sport.

Can I also profit from your services if I am not a client?
Yes, you can for two services; a neutral portfolio analysis and domestic financial planning will be offered to any interested person. Our additional services such as loans, the Golfer’s Service package or the Golfer’s Excellence Club will be reserved for clients of Swiss Golf Asset Management only.

How are you related to the golf sport?
Well, playing golf is a fascinating and demanding sport - it teaches individuals humbleness. When playing golf, which golfer hasn’t yet experienced that one day everything works at perfection and the very next day, nothing works at all. You cannot enforce it you will just have to accept it and to cope with it.

Do you support any special projects?
Our business strategy foresees a commitment to improving our social environment by means of golf charity projects.

Does your family also play golf?
We are active golfers and play this challenging sport in our spare-time, if there is time. Primarily, we are serving our clients and are mainly available for them. During our holidays, we travel to nice golf courses around the world, enjoying this great sport out in the nature and the contact with other golfers.

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