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Investment Strategy

Aligned with your needs and target oriented

A professional asset allocation is very important. It is the basis for sustainable growth of your wealth on a longer term perspective. Furthermore it serves as guiding principle in case of market changes. By choosing the appropriate asset allocation, you will set the long-term profit- and risk-parameters. We will therefore adjust the asset allocation to your personal needs taking into account your particular situation and stage in the life-cycle

We apply the following structured methodology:

> Analysis of your personal expectations and financial needs
> Definition of the applicable risk / return profile
> Determination of the expected investment and yield target
> Definition and implementation of the asset allocation
> Periodical monitoring of the chosen asset allocation

Basically we can divide the asset allocation into the following five investment targets:

You attach great importance to the preservation of your nominal capital. The performance will be mainly on regular interest payments. In your portfolio their will be only money market products and first class bonds.

You attach great importance to security and a regular income without missing the opportunity for a better performance. In your portfolio there will be mainly top-rated bonds with a proportion of 25 % in shares.

You aim at solid growth over a longer period with limited risk. Accordingly we will structure your portfolio on an equal basis of bonds and shares.

On the longer term, you are interested in high-growth capital investments. You would like to participate in the development of the global capital- and stock markets and you are willing to bear a higher risk. Your portfolio will be structured with 70% of stocks and 30% of top-rated bonds.

On a long-term view, you are interested in high-growth capital investments with a strong focus on profits at the international capital- and foreign exchange markets. You dispose of a high risk appetite and you are willing to accept high volatilities in your fortune. Your portfolio will be invested in 95 % to 100 % of stocks.

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